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Elevate your property with a concrete driveway – a superior choice offering unparalleled durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility.  While the initial cost may be slightly higher, the long-term savings on repairs make concrete a cost-effective investment. Choose resilience, style, and enduring value – choose a concrete driveway for a standout feature that enhances your property in every way.


Lasting Curb Appeal 

Investing in a concrete driveway isn't just a practical choice; it's a commitment to long-term curb appeal and a multitude of benefits. The durable nature of concrete ensures that your driveway maintains its smooth, attractive finish over the years, standing strong against the elements and heavy traffic. Unlike other materials, concrete's low maintenance requirements translate into sustained visual appeal, sparing homeowners from the hassles of constant repairs. The customizable design options also allow you to enhance your property's overall aesthetic, contributing to its unique charm. Beyond its timeless elegance, a concrete driveway proves to be a wise investment, adding value to your home while requiring minimal upkeep. Choose the enduring allure of a concrete driveway for a lasting impact that elevates both your property's appearance and market value.

How much does a concrete driveway cost?
Whats under our Driveways

The secret to a lasting and robust concrete driveway lies in meticulous preparation and the use of quality materials. It all begins with a foundation of compacted soil fill, ensuring a stable base for the structure. Building on this foundation, a compacted aggregate base is added to enhance load-bearing capacity and prevent settling. The key to durability is in the details – a recommended 5-6 inches of high-quality concrete is then expertly poured over the prepared base. To fortify against the test of time and heavy usage, wire mesh reinforcement or upgraded rebar is strategically embedded within the concrete matrix, providing added strength and resilience. This comprehensive approach to preparation and material selection ensures that your concrete driveway not only looks impressive but stands as a testament to longevity and enduring quality.

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Demolition and Base Prep

The first step in getting a new concrete driveway is ripping up the existing surface and base. After removing unneeded material, we begin by compacting the structural fill layer (pre-existing on your property). At the same time, our forming team is hard at work constructing the walls that will define the final shape of our driveway. The the compacted fill we add a layer of base  such as A-Gravel or 3/4 Clear. Once this final prep layers has been meticulously compacted and levelled the site is ready for concrete to be laid down. 

New Concrete 

Concrete pouring day is a busy and bustling time on the project site. Before the day begins it's important to ensure the site is free from obstructions (such as any personal belongings) and that you have supplied the team with access to any necessary utilities as outlined in your contract (water, electricity etc.).  Depending on the the level of complexity you have chosen for your design you may have more than one scheduled pour day. The concrete trucks arrive and our team immediately begins laying down the wet concrete. From here, a number of different techniques are applied depending on the the finish you have selected. The concrete is left to set and the crew will return on subsequent days to strip, wash and seal your driveway. In some conditions you may be ask to water the surface over the first 48 hours as the concrete cures- follow the instructions given to you by the crew closely in order to achieve best results

After Completion

After completion, wait at least 7 days before driving on your new driveway. Stamped and exposed concrete will need a new layer of sealer applied every 1-3 years to maintain optimal shine and detailing. In the winter, avoid applying any kind of salt to the concrete as this can damage the surface. Instead use sand based products in icy patches. 

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